Whilst most other labs can offer some of our services they often don’t allow you switch them off. Often to secure a new school you need to be individual in what you are offering.

The services below can be toggled either on or off, leaving you in complete control.
Incentives/Add On’s
  • Add On’s can be used to offer customers extra items after their initial order.
Pick and Mix
  • Allow customers to mix a pack designed by you.
Build your own
  • Let your customer build their own unique pack with a stepped discount system
Discount Vouchers
  • Give parents an incentive to order early, before a certain date.
  • Can be used to give staff members a higher discount
  • Can be set value discounts
  • Charge your customer’s postage, or offer it free over a order spend set by you.
  • You keep the postage fee, less a small admin fee
Late Order Fee’s
  • Charge a late order/admin fee from a date set by you
  • Fee value is set by you
Incentive/Appealing Packs
  • Encourage parents to purchase larger packs by offering a better online pack with improved content or better discounts
Promotional Stickers
  • Select which pack(s) you wish to promote by applying stickers
  • Bright coloured ‘Best Value’, ‘Best Price’ or even ‘Hot Offer’ show clearly to the customers.
  • You can even create your own stickers to go with your packs.
What Makes Us Different ?
  • Free Set Up
  • Free Software
  • Bespoke packages
  • Unique to you Proofs
  • Free Branding Online
  • Discounted printing costs
  • Free online hosting
  • 24 month online ordering
  • Unlimited archive storage of jobs
  • Photographer networking group & Social meet
  • Out of hours support
  • Cross Ratio Printing